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Bow of Beura, The
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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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Plot: While sailing through the Bay of Beura, your ship was caught in a terrible storm and you were ship-wrecked on a small beach at the foot of a snow-capped mountain. You seek shelter from the storm in a small cave and curl up to sleep. When you awake, you find a tall, handsome elf in the cave. He asks for your help to defeat the evil God Eldritch. Only a human from the Ice Kingdom (such as yourself) can craft a magic bow that can be used to defeat the evil God Eldritch. You must craft the bow and return it to the elf and you will be rewarded with wealth beyond your imagination. Notes: The game was originally written by Alias Maximus for the Spectrum. This was presumably written using The Quill, but appears to be unpublished. In 1992, this was ported and updated for the Atari 400/800/XL/XE by Alias Maximus and John E using AdventureWriter and published in The Grim Reaper, issue 7, January 1993.

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