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Shove Off
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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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Jonathan recalls: "The GTW64 site has a record of a game called Shove Off, based on its appearance in an interview with Jim Scott of Beyond Belief in C-Force (January 1993 I think).
This was actually my Spectrum game, which was being converted to the C64, and which AFAIK never actually received a mention in a Spectrum magazine.
Originally written for GTi with a title of Pushover, I still have a colour photocopy of the artwork GTi had commissioned."
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Commodore 64
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5.67 (3 votes)

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Jonathan told us 'Yes, by all means host anything that's currently downloadable online, just don't make the denied titles available. Feel free to host Egghead 6 and Jubbles too. And if you want to host AGD, make sure it's 4.7 or the new editorless version 0.4'

Jonathan Cauldwell (UK)

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Name: Thinking Rabbit
Country: Japan
Type: Conversion
Original Name: Sokoban

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Release Year: 1993
Release Type: Full version
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