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Wacky Races
Original Release Year:
Original Publisher:
Fred O'Rourke, Sean Conran, Richard Morton
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Machine Type:
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Maximum Players:
Interface 2 (right), Kempston, Redefineable keys
This game was originally developed by Enigma Variations Ltd (Robin Holman and Mick Hanrahan).
Mick recollects: "Actually, Ive never seen the monochrome released version..... I just remember the first version, shown in the Crash Previews section. Im guessing, the game changed, when the coder and I left the company due to increasing problems with getting payed. I left a little before the coder, Robin Holman (also known as Orb) and as far as I was aware, the game had pretty much been completed on both the spectrum and Amstrad CPC version. Im guessing maybe the publisher requested the coloured backgrounds to be turned monochrome, to make the sprites clearer to see, and to reduce colour clash issues..... although the game looked pretty good in the colour version we'd built."
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Original WoS Score:
6.76 (17 votes)

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License Information
Name: Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc
Country: USA
Type: Cartoon
Original Name: Wacky Races

PAL Developments
PAL Developments
PAL Developments

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Issue: 1991/5
Page: 202
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