GROUP "BASIC Tenliners 2016"
This competition was organized by HOMEPUTERIUM (Das Homecomputer-Laboratorium an der Eider-Treene-Schule) in Friedrichstadt, Germany. The competition was to design games in compiled or interpreted BASIC for any 8-bit plataform, restricted to 10 lines of code only. A total of 89 contestants participated with submissions from over a dozen platforms. There were 3 contest categories, with the following winners:

PUR-80 (max. 80 keystrokes per line):
1. "10 Othello" (ZX Spectrum) by Einar Saukas, Brasil
2. "FireFighter64" (Commodore 64) by Roman Werner, Switzerland
3. "Jump" (Atari 800 XL) by Jason Gruetzmacher, Canada

PUR-120 (max. 120 keystrokes per line):
1. "Invaders" (Atari 800 XL) by Victor Parada, Chile
2. "Graviten" (Atari 800 XL) by Jeff Piepmeier, USA
3. "Nuts" (Atari 800 XL) by Jeff Piepmeier, USA

EXTREM-256 (max. 256 keystrokes per line):
1. "Where's my Cheese?" (Atari 800 XL) by Victor Parada, Chile
2. "Gravity Snake" (Commodore 64) by Davide Fichera, Italy
2. "Fort Knox" (Atari 800 XL) by Kevin Savetz, USA
Included titles