The most wanted hi-res inlays for Spectrum Computing site

Here you will find some missing inlays in hi-res resolution (at 300 dpi at least) for those publishers who have been already processed. If you own the original title and you can scan the inlay, please let me know at pavero(a)

1. Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal [by The Edge]

(card box version both sides)

2. World of Soccer [by Challenge Software]

(single jewel version)

3. Postman Pat Hit Collection, The [by Alternative Software Ltd]

(front+reverse side of the box)

4. Kids Pack 2 [by Alternative Software Ltd]

(front+reverse side of the box)

5. Xenon [by Tronix]

6. Arcade Extravaganza Disk 3 [by Alternative Software Ltd]

(damaged inlay)

7. Know Your Own Personality [by Mirrorsoft Ltd]

8. Continental Circus [by Virgin Games Ltd]

(+3 disk version - small cardboard)

Updated: May 17 2020 20:27:43.