Reviews for Brick Breaker (#10457)

Review by WhenIWasCruel on 22 Dec 2016 (Rating: 2)

A mediocre Breakout clone that it's actually above average for Dro Soft.

Review by dm_boozefreek on 18 Apr 2017 (Rating: 1)

Oh fuck off!

I can't even be arsed to write a real review!

Dro(ss) Soft do it again, take a simple idea, and turn it into something even it's mother could hate.

Terrible game, annoying sounds, terrible collision, death when the ball is on the same level as the paddle, no last minute rescues here...Nope ball reaches the same level as the paddle, if the paddle is not dead centre, and I mean dead centre under it...DEATH!

Fucking shite!

Review by YOR on 20 Apr 2021 (Rating: 1)

Juliet Software strike again! From one look at it it looks like a colourful decent Breakout clone, and from the first seconds of gameplay you will notice it's fast and responsive, have we finally found the definitive Juliet Software game? The answer of course is no because of course this was a Juliet Software developed game and of course all Juliet Software developed games are shit. You can ask yourself, well surely they couldn't bugger up Breakout can they? Well by George they did! For instance, it only hits blocks singularity so no multi-hits in this game. Also you lose your lives way too early here. The ball wasn't even past the bat and still I lost a life. Yep, Juliet Software cocked up Breakout all right

Review by Darko on 22 Apr 2021 (Rating: 1)

This came out the same year as Arkanoid and Batty. There are not enough words to describe how inferior this game is compared to those two breakout behemoths. Sure a lot of breakout games are not great but this isn't even that, it's just bad. How do you do breakout THIS bad and get a commercial release from it AND get it ported to the Amstrad CPC and MSX?