Reviews for Dizzy XII: Underground (#15212)

Review by Digital Prawn on 19 Apr 2009 (Rating: 4)

7th June 2009 - Update to this review (My original review is preserved below the dashed line, but is now out of date). With the help and encouragement of other "World of Spectrum" forum members, I was eventually able to create an English hack of the game, currently available on my website here:-

During translation and testing of the game, I had to play it through to completion four times. I could only do this thanks to an earlier RZX of the Russian version, made by Viktor Drozd. Overall impressions seem to be that this is indeed a fun Dizzy game with some really cool effects and features and some interesting puzzles.

However, the difficulty of the game, ranks as "hard" and there are perhaps too many overly difficult puzzles right at the beginning, which could result in some players never gaining access to the bulk of the game. Once opened up though the game is really fun to explore, featuring lots of tricky jumps. Most players may well need one or two hints to complete it, though. I know I couldn't have done it without the RZX!

Lots of jokes and general humour also pervade throughout the game, as well as the full ensemble cast of Dizzy characters, each one having their own puzzle to be solved - as expected.

Overall, very much worth playing - but the difficulty level firmly pitches this one in the domain of "experienced Dizzy players", rather than an introduction into the Dizzy genre.

I'm sorry to write that there's apparently no known English language version of this Russian Dizzy game available at the time of writing. I've scoured Dizzy fansites in addition to the WoS archive, but to no avail. I sincerely hope that this situation will change at some future point so that the game will also be available to English speakers. After all, most of the other Russian Dizzy games have been translated to date.

Unlike some other Russian non-Dizzy games, a translation is really desirable in this case since all of the room descriptions, object descriptions and character interactions are in Russian. Some of the characters are quite loquacious too, a trait I've certainly noticed in a few of the other Russian Dizzy games.

As unofficial Dizzy games go, this is certainly one of the better efforts. The sound is vibrant and enjoyable to listen to and the graphics are even better. The game itself is quite imaginative, as Dizzy lands in a conventional cigar-shaped rocket on a distant planet. I could almost see this as a natural branching out of the official Dizzy saga.

I haven't completed the game yet, although I've played it a bit over the years and a while back, I got reasonably far in it. So, I'm not quite in a position to say if it is truly excellent. Certainly, it is at least good, of course assuming that you like Dizzy games and it is well known that not everyone does!