Reviews for Firewolf (#16666)

Review by YOR on 14 Mar 2018 (Rating: 1)

There's a lot of things wrong with this game. Firstly, the default speed is way too fast and you'll end up losing all of your lives within a few seconds, so it is best to slow it down using A as soon as you start playing. Also, you are too slow as a whole so avoiding enemies is a chore. I would suggest this game was some kind of prototype for a future release which ended up not happening, but whatever it was it wasn't very good at all. With just 4 votes it is not considered for the worst game's list on World of Spectrum as you need at least 5 to qualify, and votes are no longer taken there, so this game can thank its lucky stars that WoS is forever broken beyond repair because this will avoid its rightful place in that list.