Reviews for Benny Bunny: Monster Mansion (#21614)

Review by YOR on 06 Mar 2021 (Rating: 3)

Game number 6 of the Benny Bunny series is Monster Mansion, published in September 1985 in the 35th and final issue of Sinclair Programs. Here Benny is babysitting and he's lost the baby, he must find the baby and return it to the nursery by searching rooms and in doing so he must attack enemies with his sword. This is Atic Atac, simple as that. Saying that it is a far better game than the most of the games in this series. I found the baby and succesfully returned to the nursery, and what happens when you do? It disappears again and you repeat the process. Nope, I did it once, that's enough for me. I give this a three because it is so much better than the majority of games in this series, plus it's also better than The Custard Kid, another Atic Atac clone I've previously reviewed. And so that was it, that was the end of the trail for Sinclair Programs magazine and indeed the final chapter for Benny Bun oh wait NO IT BLOODY WASN'T!!