Reviews for Hive (#2332)

Review by The Dean of Games on 17 Oct 2020 (Rating: 3)

1986 Capsoft/Softy (Netherlands)
by Martijn & Camille van der Heide

This game was written in 1986 by the World Of Spectrum founder, together with a brother or a close relative, judging by the last name.
The game itself is obviously dated for 1986, but it's still interesting for the way it looks.
You move your tiny little beekeeper inside a giant beehive populated by very stylized looking bees, as would be expected your job is to collect all the honey you can, by moving up and down ladders.
The platform itself is rather simple and easy to play, at least in the first 4 levels. Even though it's nothing particularly special, it as a charm of it's own, a bit like any BASIC game, but written in a faster language.