Reviews for Kámen, nůžky, papír (#25084)

Review by YOR on 27 Dec 2020 (Rating: 3)

Can we guess what kind of game this is? Clue 1. Papir is paper. Have you got it yet? Ok here's clue 2, the screenshot show a pair of scissors, now you've got it haven't you because I have, it's Rock, Paper, Scissors! And despite being in Czech it's straightforward to play as you only need to press K for kamen which is rock, N for Nuzky which is scissors and P for well you work the rest out. It's quite all right, it works and you can understand the gameplay even if it's a foreign language, however it doesn't offer much at the same time and it won't take long to switch off and play something else. But overall not bad at all.