Reviews for Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Lost Keys (#26040)

Review by p13z on 26 Dec 2020 (Rating: 4)

Ace little puzzle / platform game. Collect the key, and get to the exit - but what distinguishes this from similar platform games - is that you have to rearrange the levels like a sliding puzzle.
Just my kind of game, and well suited to the Speccy. I would have given a rating of 5, but the graphics and sound - although very cute, stylistic and nostalgic, are ultimately a bit basic.

Review by Alemâo on 30 Dec 2020 (Rating: 4)

Regarding this little game, I think that some time ago I had passed by without paying much attention, until the review of p13z made me notice it. I'm still playing it (tasting?) But it's a concept that surprises me that no one else has exploited it before. It's really tempting for those of us who are always looking for something out of the box.

In short, p13z is right, the concept is groundbreaking, the presentation is poor (the gameplay is premium)