Reviews for Retrobsesion (#26193)

Review by The Dean of Games on 20 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

2011 J.B.G.V. (Spain)
by Jose B.

In my eyes this game is intended both as a joke and as a retro journey into the old Spectrum games.
Several well knows characters like Knight Lore's werewolf or Cookie, amongst others, are present.
Initially I didn't thought much about the game. It was just a pleasant reminder of some of my youth years, but after strolling around the map a bit, I soon discover there was a bit more fun to it than what initially looked.

The idea is quite simply and the game guides the player intuitively with a few hints here and there thru out the phases, which makes the tasks really easy to complete. But taken into account that the authors idea was just play around with his (and ours) spectrum heroes, I think he accomplished it quite well.
The game features a few mini-games which are quite fun and turn the whole idea much more interesting and exploring worthy.

As a game I would rate it with a 2, but for the whole idea and making me enjoy myself for a while I rate it with a deserved 3.