Reviews for VADE RETRO (#27878)

Review by The Dean of Games on 20 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

2012 J.B.G.V. (Spain)
by José B.

The gameplay is fairly simple: run around a big area catching keys which open doors until you discover an exit that leads you get back to planet Earth to finish the soccer game you were playing.
Yes, you heard it right! And if you haven't played the game, take a closer look to the main character (or just look at the biiig one in the loading screen). Yes, it's one the little Football Manager players!

So you play a soccer player who was captured by aliens while on a soccer field shooting balls. Now you landed on an unknown planet and want to go back.

The plot is quite funny. And there are a few interesting features, like cruising on a sort of space train to get from one area to another. A nice way of merging such an old icon into a maze shoot 'em-up game. It's very playable too, although not that hard, and if this was written in Basic like the author claims, I'm really amazed! With all his games. Wow!