Reviews for 3 Reyes Magos (#27998)

Review by The Dean of Games on 20 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

2012 J.B.G.V. (Spain)
by José B.

Graphically this must be the best game made by José. There are some very cute animations, and even the camel riding matchstick kind of figures in the initial level are very amusing and well done.

The game is comprised in two parts. Part 1 is self explanatory: an horizontal shoot 'em-up like many others. It features some graphics from harrier attack which is always a nice touch in retro games.

Part 2 is more of an Atic Atac type game, although there is no shooting to do. Instead you use key N to switch from one of the Three Wise Man (the English translation of the game's name) to another. The rest I leave it to you to discover.

Review by YOR on 20 Dec 2018 (Rating: 3)

Here's one Christmas game World of Spectrum forgot about it its dying days, thank you Spectrum Computing for recognising it as one. I kind of see what WOS missed it apart from it was dying a slow death, because it's not really a typical Christmas game, but it is the 3 Wise Men so it is Christmas themed and that's good enough for me. Apparently it's in two parts, the first is a shooter and the second is an adventure, but I never got past part 1 so I can't comment on that. The game looks nice but I had difficulty with the shooting part, the enemies are faster than you so hitting them is awkward and you being slow mean avoid the enemy fire is even more awkward. But while it's not great it's far from the worst, I just wish I saw more of it than I did, but I've likely got so many of these to do in a short space of time so it will have to do.