Reviews for Wake Me Up! (#30267)

Review by YOR on 27 Feb 2021 (Rating: 4)

From 2016, we have Wake Me Up which is thankfully nothing to do with Wham! but rather it's about nightmares. This one has no download link on Spectrum Computing or WoS Classic, so I had to take a z80 snapshot of the RZX walkthrough for the purpose of this review. This is a pretty well-written game, it has an intro cutscene which is very rare for Spectrum games, it's played at a nice speed and it has in-game mini-games which is always a nice touch. It's not the first time I've liked a game from the author, five years prior to this he wrote a game called Stela which is pretty nice and is also worth a look. If you're up for a nice adventure you may want to give this game a shot but like I said no download link is available, so either follow my steps above or find the author's website or something, maybe there's a download there, I don't know. But if you find a way to play this game, please do.