Reviews for Professional Toast Simulator (#32243)

Review by YOR on 23 Dec 2018 (Rating: 2)

Professional Toast Simulator. What, the, hell? Oh it's toast as in touching glasses together rather than toast you eat, that's a bit of a pity. Well it's from the same author of 3 Reyes Magas while this looks like a better game I can't help but feel I prefer the previous game. Basically you are holding a glass and during each level a series of people will come along and give you items which you can collect, but if it's a glass you can do a toast with them. It's a simple idea but the fact is you some a lot of time during the level waiting and doing nothing, which isn't a lot of fun really. It's simple in nature but it's not really a game that you'll be playing often, maybe once or twice but that's about the height of it. I'm off for some proper toast now.