Reviews for Revolver (#4127)

Review by Rebelstar Without a Cause on 09 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not the Beatles album sadly, but an isometric western. I was expecting the worst but it's not too bad. I don't know what you're supposed to be doing because I didn't bother to read the instructions but it appears you wander around shooting people.
In a nice touch, killing a bad guy sees them turn into a devil and sink into the ground whereas killing innocents turns them into an angel who floats up to the sky.

Review by Stack on 08 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Not on a par with Gunfright, this is nevertheless a satisfying isometric shooter.

It would be nice to see a map and know if there are any bigger objectives other than points and bounty, but it works OK as a high score game.

Better indicators of the direction off the screen, better use of sound, and a variety of enemies would make the game a lot better.

Review by WhenIWasCruel on 18 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

It's an entertaining little shooter set in a western environent viewed in a isometric 3d angle. You only have to wander around town, and there is a set number of gunslingers you have to kill before that specific room can be considered clean - but you're not stucked in a specific location until you've cleaned it, you can explore. Graphics are small, and it all considerably slows down when there's another sprite on the screen, but it's not that bad.


Review by YOR on 02 May 2018 (Rating: 1)

Oh isometric why do you do this to me? The controls are abysmal and found myself being attacked too randomly and so I didn't last long every time I played this. I might as well go back to the Ultimate library after this tripe.