Reviews for The Shaky Game (#4437)

Review by YOR on 27 Dec 2017 (Rating: 2)

Oh my God I had forgotten all about this! So basically there is a man called Michael Barratt, a Welshman in fact, who is a singer who goes by the name of Shakin' Stevens and he was very big in the 1980's, I think he had four number one hits in fact, one of the them, ironically enough, being Merry Christmas Everyone which is a fine Christmas song indeed and personally one of my favourites. Well, somebody decided he needed his own game and so The Shaky Game was born. Now this game was never sold commercially, instead it's reported to have either appeared on the b-side of his "This Ole House" single, which is referenced in the game but that was a 1981 single so that statement is therefore bollocks, and it's also said to have appeared at the end of side B on his "The Bop Won't Stop" album, which was out in 1983, like this game, so therefore that is more likely to have been the case. So in the game you have to guide a car to the Ole House of Vampires and avoid the bats and making sure you don't run out of fuel. It's like Head-On only with no pills to collect, you just have to drive the car to the home, and it's pretty rubbish. The keys don't work well unless you hold it in advance. Plus the bat pattern is pretty much the same every single time although I did play this on the lowest difficulty and I couldn't be bothered to play it on a hardest one so that could be why. But in fairness it's not an overly terrible game, it's just rubbish and one I'll never play again. I'll stick to my collection of Shakin' Stevens hits after this.