Reviews for Whodunnit (#5677)

Review by interghost on 11 Apr 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not a great game, however, I did own this as a kid on the 2 for 1 tape that also had 'Alcatraz Harry' all for £1.99. So I was very happy with it back in the day.
Playing the game now it doesn't really giv e you enough time to catch the suspects before they disappear, which can be very frustrating!
Also, the amount of clues the suspects give you throughout the games doesn't allow you to work out Who Done It? So at the end it all comes down to guess work any way?
Good for a quick play but not one you will want to play over and over again?

Review by YOR on 14 Mar 2019 (Rating: 1)

Who could I possibly say about this game? Other than it's a mess. You have to reach people to interview them about the murder of the butler, but they usually appear in places you can't reach in time before they disappear. Then you're obviously going to have to bribe them to get the information you need to solve the murder, but sometimes they won't give you it, like the reverend punched my nose, which should have been a red flag and suggest he done the murder. There is just nothing in this game to make it even worth playing. Whodunnit? After playing this, who cares?