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Sir Lancelot, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

This is a game for the 16K, probably the one "pure" platforms game that made me and my sister enjoy.

I would recommend as one of the best speccys ever, but not in the 20 best.

Jabato, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

This is not the most difficult text adventure ever, the puzzles and mazes are relatively simple, and the game is quite linear in terms of game is difficult to fail due to the order of activities performed.
Besides this cons, I would strongly recommend the game, it resembles the comic strips very well, and you can enjoy with a simple game, but with the dialgues and pictures very well done.

Golf, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 4)

Despite the poor graphics because of the early stage of development this game is pretty entertained.
It simulates very well the development of golf courses but almost without graphics (meritous!)

I would recommend it for any person who wants to understand this sport

Aspar GP Master, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

Zenital view of the 80cc (or it was 125cc) championship of motorbikes.

The game has three options:
1- Practise
2- Qualification
3- Tournament:

Only with a good time in qualification you will be able to win the tournament.

It reproduces all the courses of the championship.

The graphics and the zenital view is relatively simple, but fine enough. The controls are a bit difficult at the begining but eventually they become very intuitive.

It gives a realistic vision of a championship, it is not just a "motorbike races" game...we can use the strategy to allow being 3rd in a circuit if we have enough points to win the championship.

Tai-Pan, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

It is very interesting this version of the game for spectrum, I've seen text versions for older systems and it is pretty accurate to those, but providing a little bit of interest with some nice graphics that develop the arcade stages.

The music can be eventually tedious, but nice to listen for 20 minutes... Without any doubt between my top 100 ever.

Ramon Rodriguez, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 2)

Let's see it is not poor because of graphics, movement, map or is poor because it is extremly difficult.

If it had been 50 times easier it would have become a very difficult game, almost impossible to finish, but at least very interesting...because one would advance beyond de first or second screen.

I would recommend it with some trick of "inmunity"

La Aventura Original, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

It is a remake of the computer classic "Colossal Cave". Because it has nice graphics and texts in Spanish, I would dare to say it is for me, the best version of "Colossal Cave" ever...

Translations are funny and the game is extremly attracting.

As "colossal cave" it is not a simple game I would not recommend it for beginners in text adventures, only for advances users.

I love this game. In my "top 100" ever.

Where Time Stood Still, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

I simple love this game.

In some respects it deserves the usage of a mouse (which I had not and probably the game was not prepared to it). The control is its weakest point, probably too advanced and complex for a spectrum user.

The plot is marvelous ( based in "The lost world") and the maps and graphics(even that only cyan, white and black, with different bright are in use) are excelent: dinosaurs, cascades, cliffs, many characters, huts... with a 2.5D isometric view that makes you feel you are inside the game

It looks like "The great Escape" also from Denton Designs.

The map is huge, and the characters really behaves differently, it is very difficult to end the game with the 4 characters.

In my TOP 5, and certainly a Spectrum and Atari ST classic.

Wells & Fargo, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 3)

This game was very advertised in Spain, you can enjoy it for a while, but certainly it was overrated by the Spanish zx magazines.

I would recomend to play to it, without any doubt, you will say "pretty good" many others, but no new game tester will fall in love about this game.

Trivial Pursuit, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

Marvellous converstion of the board game, much better because of the musics and pictures.

I would recommend it to every person that likes the board game.

This is one of the games I most loaded on my old speccy, and I play dozen of times with my sister.

In its genre this game is superb...if you only like arcades or adventures this is not for you.

Spy Hunter, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 4)

This is quite a simple game, but very addictive.

I would recommend it to play it, even new gamers can get hooked with it.

La Abadia del Crimen, 28 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

Technically it is one of the very best games ever written for the speccy.

The game was not designed for the speccy and the graphics even though marvellous are a bit confusing, the control of the caracther is not very simple.

The plot is very difficult to find out wihout reading the book.

Only for advanced adventurers!

Despite my "buts", I have to recognize the time was advanced to its time maybe 5-10 years. This put it into my top 50 ever for the spectrum, but because it is not so additive from the very begining I do not dare to put on the top 10 even tough it is probably the best of the spectrum, technically speaking.

Diosa de Cozumel, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

A text adventure with graphics in certain scenarios.

The plot is almost a novel, the game itself is not extremly diffcult and the puzzles and situations can be solved relatively easy which makes it a very interesting adventure.

In my TOP 100 of all kinds, but closer to the 100 than to the 1

Ant Attack, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

I would not say "excellent" for all time, but certainly it is a game launched in 1983 and it seems from 1986.

For sure one of the very best in the early times of the spectrum.

I would recommend to play, not for fun but to see how the game programming in the spectrum advanced on those times

Mad Mix Game, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

In my humble opinion the best and most funny version of Pac-man (yes, better than pacmania!)

The musics are pretty good, for a 48K version.

The best Pac man ever, and a "must play " game, in my top 100?...Probably yes.

Goody, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

This is a classical videoadventure.
15 lives is a very short number for such a difficult adventure... and steal the central bank of Spain.

My god, this game is superb for those who like mind challenges in the way of everyone's a wally.

Graphics are monochrome ( there is a hacked versino in colours pretty nice) but it doest not mind, the characters are funny and plenty of enjoyable details.

I would strongly recommend it for anyone that want to discover a "classical videoadventure"

For sure in my top 100!!!

Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

This is the best war strategy game I found on my spectrum.

Interesting only on 128 due to multuload.
The game is like an ancient version of the PC Classics "Panzer general", just that with a lot of less options. But still pretty enjoyable once you get used to the menus and control.

On my top 100 again!

Buggy Ranger, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 1)

A very poor game. It might have been interesting (not good) if launched in 1984 or 1985 maybe...

It does not deserve to play it.

Yenght, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 4)

This is a very short text adventure, ideal for beginers.

Not in my TOP 100, but I do strongly suggest to play it.

Hyper Sports, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

6 simple sport games. Full of adiction.

I consider this probably the most playable game in the spectrum, and for sure in my TOP 10

Chaos, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

I discover this game in the 21th century.

Simple game, simple graphics, almost a board game...

But I adore it, I wonder why there were not many clones...the game accepts very differenet clons with special maps or new versions of enemies.

In my top 100 for sure, and probably in my top 50

Ping Pong, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

Simple, addictive

Not sure if in my top 100 (it is too simple!) But I strongly recommend to keep it as a spectrum classic and I recommend to play it for 20 are hooked!

Manic Miner, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 4)

I refuse to put a 5 on this game.

Good game? Yes, it is
Successful game? Yes it is
It liked many? Yes, but not me.

For me it is a difficult game that might become addictive after many trials and not having another choice of tape to load.

Not in my top 100. But for sure a Spectrum classic!

Saboteur!, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

I still need to finish this game.
I played on the CPC more than in the spectrum, but it is pretty similar in both versions.

The game is complex, but not impossible, and with a few game you can advance and discover a lot of the plot, but still not being able to finish.

I like it, not in my top 100. But a MUST PLAY and a spectrum classic, you will enjoy

Tetris, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

I bought this game ont he first weeks in the market, I though it would become a classic of the computer games, and I was right.

There have been more spectacular tetris, but this gathers the essence, with a very beautiful music.

In my top 25 of the spectrum.
And for sure being this the version of tetris ever made I would consider it a historic game...probably the most historical game ever launched for the spectrum first.

With this presentation, give it a try, you might like tetris, if you have already played other versions this will add almost nothing...but remember it was the first.

Everyone's a Wally, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 5)

I think I finished it in 2015 or 2016!!!!

This game is very funny, it containst a BSO on the original tape.

It is in my top 100, very difficult, very, very. I recomend it if you enjoy video-adventures only with very challenging mind games and a bit or arbitriourity because there are items in the screen, from time to time, that will kill you rapidly.

A spectrum classic.

Terra Cresta, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 3)

It is very good, they said......The person that suggested me this game adored the space ship games...

This game is a classic in the spectrum, but I never like it specially.

It is not bad, it is probably pretty good, but...

Not in my top 100. I only suggest to test it because it became very famous for the speccy platform...just only for that.

Deathchase, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 3)

Probably spectacular in did not aged well.

A spectrum classic, that did not aged with honour...this would have been considered very poor in 84-87 and after 88 an underaverage game..

But in 1983...damm! marvellously good!

A spectrum classic

Green Beret, 29 Oct 2017 (Rating: 4)

I like it, too dificult. I ended it on the 21th century with some extra lives.

It became very famous, but it is not the kind of game I enjoyed...

Technically speaking is rather good, a lot of soft movements with different elements on the screen.

Not on my top 100! but it can a be a a "TOP 25 ever" for many.

Supervivencia, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

This is a very short text adventure. It seems to be a test of the programmers to learn the parser.

Despite being so brief the adventure is interesting, puzzles are not too complicated, but some imagination is needed at times.

For sure it is a great adventure for begineers.
It is in spanish and some words in use are very traditional and slang, so it can be a bit difficult for non natives spanish speakers.

720 Degrees, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 2)

The tape with the game has on side B the original sountrack of the Arcade.

The idea is fine, but the game after some matches becomes dully. The bees are too persistent as a excuse to terminate the game, but I guess it would have been better a different way, such as poor qualifications on the tests

Demolition, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

I cannot give a 5 to this game because technically it is not a masterpiece.

But it is one of the most playable versions I've ever played ( more playable than some weel-known!)

You need to give it 3-4 opportunities before rating it, otherwise you will discard it, but for some unknown reason everyone who has tested it has gotten hooked.

Maze Chase, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

Fair game, simple technically but you can enjoy a good while.

Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

I was about to give a 5, but it is excessive for what I had expected.
The game consist on two stages:
stage 1: Footbal simulator. Not very brilliant, with a trick easy to learn that will allow you to beat any team. It reminds me the world cup football of Artic with better graphics

Stage 2: This is a football manager simulator, with a good speed, this is the most enjoyable part of the game, you fight to promote your team to 1st division and to win the CUP.

It is a pity the game does not contain some special screen for these milestones instead the simplistic message "Cincinatti won de Cup"

Only with the PC, hard disks and etc. I found more enjoyable footbal manager games.

Olympics, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 2)

Not awful, but almost.
In most of the test it seems that the result is totally ramdom...but you laught of that eventually you get a good time.

Herbert's Dummy Run, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

If you do not have a guide about what to do, it can take you eons to finish this game.

The game is very good from the technical point of view, it even include some minigames in some sections that you might also like ( I remember a invaders clone!)

It is a videadventure with very beautiful grpahics and a extremly good treatment of the colour ( considering the limitations of the spectrum due to the clash).

A marvellous to see, but a nightmare to success on it!

Nevertheless I think it is still playable.

Nomen Rosae, 01 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

This game seem to be MIA, but it is not correct, it can be found on Wos within the file "SpectrumCollection1.tzx"

It is an adaptatation of Umberto Eco's book.

Simple, but interesting.

Fernando Martin Basket Master (BETA), 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

This is a beta game for testing purposes. It ha some bugs but I'd rather the treatment of the colour and the decoration of the graphics than in the real game . Nevertheless, and obviously the final version is better

Fernando Martin Basket Master, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

Too difficult for my likes, but I enjoyed it. One of the best 1 on 1 basket games.

Some details such as the replay of scores shows the aim of originality of the game.

Good in those times, you can still enjoy it a little bit

Daley Thompson's Decathlon, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

Classic among the classics. This was a very interesting game, some tests are a bit long and boring...but that is decathlon.

Graphics are nice, but the speed sensation is not achieved.

Fighting Warrior, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

Good for those that like the classic fights 1 versus 1 with sticks and swords...
I like it, but it was not my favourite of this kind ( Barbarian....). Not so bad, not so good.

Interesting graphics and movement, the final of the game deserves.

Airwolf, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

Technically this game is very good, soft movements, a map game almost infinite...

This game is almost as difficult as Ramon Rodriguez....what it is a pity I doubt that more than 5 people have reached its final without any kind of tricks.

The Goonies, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

It seems technically relatively simple, but this is a puzzle game, very enjoyable, when you decide to think instead pressin keys.

The simplicity is what increases its value. I think it is still very playable....but do not wait a masterpiece technically, its magistery comes from the approach to the game...a puzzle game.

3D Noughts and Crosses, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

For sure it was not this game, but another 3d version of this game the first computer game I ever played on a computer (I played with an optical pencil, I doubt it were on a speccy) playing it for has some level of nostalgia.

It might happen that my father bought the speccy just for seing me playing it.

I still enjoy the Noughts and crosses 3D... so this kind of games are always good for me.

Noughts and Crosses, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

For sure it was not this game, but another 3d version of this game the first computer game I ever played on a computer (I played with an optical pencil, I doubt it were on a speccy) playing it for has some level of nostalgia.

It might happen that my father bought the speccy just for seing me playing it.

I still enjoy the Noughts and crosses 3D... so this kind of games are always good for me.

BIFROST* ENGINE, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

This is a demo, not a game the treatment of the colour makes me dream.

Buzzsaw+ (Foxton Locks Mix), 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

The idea of the game is not marvellous, but it is the colour treatment avoiding the classican clash of the spectrum due to some programming tricks.

Only this deserves the 5 points.
I strongly recomend to play it to dream about a past with more games like this one.

Out Run, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

Great arcade, but the conversion to speccy lost all its magic...a green ferrari Testarossa? C'mon!

The tape had the original arcade music, that I still enjoy.
A great ad campaing converted it into a sales success, but the game does not deserve such a success, there are better car games than this one.

Super Cycle, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

Modest game that make you enjoy a good while.
Not a marvelous in any respect but you enjoyed loading it every now and then and playing it for 25 minutes.

Deus Ex Machina, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 2)

This is supposed to be a game, but it seems a demo...
It is an interesting demo...but how can I play it?

The only good for this game is its idea, the game has had many remakes, the technology of 8 bits was not ready when this game was launched.

Bozxle, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

Even though the treatment of colour is marvellous, this game was launched in 2011, if it had been launched in 1984 it would have been an all time classic and would have elevated the level of the spectrum games.

The game course is simple...this has nothing but a marvelous treatment of the colour.
Rainbow colours on spectrum...great, but this time not enough.

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

Considering that this is not a game but a prank and it makes you laugh I cannot give than an average...3

Technically is rubbish, but the laughts are lol.

Rotatrix, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

Just to demostrate that border can be handled....a pity that programmers did not exploit this before.

Cannon Ball, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

Technically is not brilliant, but the idea is. Is it "pang" created some years in advance...considering that pang idea was said to be great...this game is double great and therefore deserves a 5...but you will probably enjoy pang a bit more

Terror-Daktil 4D, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

This is not the 8th wonder of the world, but in this game the time factor matters, and the 4D applies... it is a classic game and it is from 1983.

I guess that some remake would have been a great succeess, but the gameplot does not allow many things.

A spectrum classic 100%, but not a great game...only great because it is from 1983

Xadom, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

This is a 1983 game, and a spectrum classic.

The game deserves if you give it a chance

El Escalador Loco, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

This game was considered a MIA during the commercial times of the spectrum. It is great that is preserved.

Technically is not good, but the idea is, a pity that it had been rediscovered before, I guess we could have had some good game based on this by 1988

The Great Escape, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

Still a masterpiece

Target: Renegade, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

I'd rather renegade, but this allow 2 player which is an adventage.

If this had been the first version it would be considered not an excellent but a masterpiece.

Commando, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 4)

Good, but I'd rather who dares wins II

Who Dares Wins II, 02 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

technically it is not the best, but very playable.

Operation Wolf, 04 Nov 2017 (Rating: 5)

The 5 goest to the 128K version.
certainly the lack of colours compared with the arcade is a pity.

But technically is a great game that you can enjoy.

World Series Basketball, 04 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

A bir archaic...the spanish programmers build several better basketball games

Sports Pack, 04 Nov 2017 (Rating: 2)

Games are a bit interesting, but very simple technically.
They came as a free gift with the speccy, but it does not deserve buy them...nevertheless on the oche, and golf can are playable.