Valley of the Dead
by Barry Jones
Pocket Money Software
Sinclair User Issue 43, October 1985   page(s) 32

COULD the title refer to your mental state if you actually buy this game?

"Three explorers are trapped at the bottom of deep caves", reads the inlay card. "Armed with luck and a hot air balloon you must descend into the caverns to save them."

Set in a graphically sparse mountainous landscape, the game involves manoeuvring your balloon through the tunnel. Barring your way, through stage one, is a boring old alien and a parachute. Those must be avoided as well as the jagged edges of the cavern.

At the start of each new game you can select to play any one of the three levels of difficulty. Each level features an increased number of obstacles.

Okay, so the game is cheap. You might, nevertheless, be wiser to type in one of the listings in Sinclair User.

Central Solutions proudly announces on the inlay card that a C15 blank cassette is yours upon writing to them. Is that a form of compensation?

Colette McDermott

Publisher: Central Solutions
Price: £0.99
Memory: 48K


Transcript by Chris Bourne

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