Azimuth Head Alignment Kit
by Kevin Parker
Interceptor Software
Sinclair User Issue 86, May 1989   page(s) 56

Label: Interceptor
Author: In-house
Price: £8.99
Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Now this is just what you need if you spend half your time failing to load games, and the other half taking them back to the shop. It's not new, but the packaging is. The Azimuth Head Alignment Kit is a simple software utility designed to help you adjust the angle of the tape head on your Plus 2 cassette deck. Mis-aligned tape heads, which aren't exactly perpendicular to the tape, are the major cause of loading problems - and with more and more multi-load games on the market, it's more likely that you'll experience problems.

Supplied with a special screwdriver for adjusting the head angle, the package consists of a software cassette which squirts a 2000 baud signal into your Plus 2. By determining the angles between which the signal is strongest, and watching a counter reading off the signal, you can adjust the tape head to the correct angle.

Then you should have no trouble loading Joe Blade, the free bonus game on the reverse of the tape. Jolly good it is too, as you may know, and the final incentive you may need to invest in this invaluable utility.

REVIEW BY: Chris Jenkins

Summary: An invaluable utility for anyone with bald patches due to embarrassing hair-pulling no-load software situations

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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