10 Computer Hits 5
by Not Known
Beau-Jolly Ltd
Crash - Compilation Issue 60, January 1989   (1988-12-15)   page(s) 92,93

Lastly we come to those consistent suppliers of annual anthologies, Beau Jolly. 10 Computer Hits - Volume Five brings together ten middle of the road offerings, with only ...Traz standing out due to it being reviewed in this very issue!

£12.95c, £16.95d
Beau Jolly
Dark Sceptre 47/88%
Tarzan 36/73%
Catch 23 43/56%
Frightmare 51/57%
Mystery Of The Nile 46/74%
Mega Apocalypse 52/58%
Magnetron 51/57%
Ninja Hamster 43/60%
Traz 60/81%
Enlightenment: Druid II 49/68%

OverallNot Rated
Transcript by Chris Bourne

ACE Issue 16, January 1989   page(s) 118,120

(Spec, C64 and Ams; £12.95cs and £16.95dk. ST and Amiga soon)

And to prove that I can get even more excited without exploding or needing the assistance of a box of man-size tissues, there's Computer Hits... Hmm, OK so not many utterly brilliant games on this one, but there are lots of 'em. On all formats there's Enlightenment: Druid II, Ninja Hamster, Tarzan, Mega Apocalypse and Master Of The Nile. On the C64 there's also Traz, Samauri Warrior, Morpheus, Frightmare and Magnetron. Spectrum versions carry copies of Frightmare and Traz, Amstrad versions have Boggit, Activator and Endurance, and both Spectrum and Amstrad versions contain extra added Dark Sceptre and Catch 23. OK, so I said they weren't all that stunning. They're good games, but standing alongside the Supreme Challenge they look pretty pale indeed.

OverallNot Rated
Transcript by Chris Bourne

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