Best of 3D, The
by Not Known
Vortex Software
Crash Issue 42, July 1987   (1987-06-25)   page(s) 16

Gathering together the unique Costa Panayi's best-known efforts, Vortex has released a four-game package of past hits. In reverse chronological order the compilation comprises Revolution - smart-headed ball solves problems on a suspended block platform, CRASH Smash October 1986 (Issue 33, page 16, 91%); Highway Encounter - pepper-pot droids nudge an alien-destroying device down the only motorway left in town, Crash Smash September 1985 (Issue 20, page 122, 95%); Tornado Low Level - enemy-blasting jet-fighter game, CRASH review August 1984 (Issue 7, page 14, 81%); and Android Two - metallic hero seeks enlightenment in a maze swarming with nasties, CRASH Game of the Month March 1984 (Issue Two, page 13, 90%).

As a software house Vortex has been with us since the earliest days; there have been few, but highly selective, releases from the hands of their main man, Costa Panayi. The records of success is indeed impressive - the average of the CRASH overall ratings for the four games included in this parcel is an astonishing 89.25%.

There's little else to add to what we've said in the past about each game, except that 3D The Best of Vortex is well worth getting even if you're missing just one of the games included.

OverallNot Rated
Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Sinclair Issue 23, November 1987   page(s) 64

Howzabout his collection of Vortex's finest moments. All four of these were written by Costa Panayi over a four-year period, and in the absence of any new stuff (get on with it, Costa!) US Gold has bunged out this Greatest Hits set. Revolution is the most recent, a 3D puzzle game which wowed Tommy Nash (in one of his more interlekchall moods) last November. Highway Encounter (Oct '85) is a corky old Zaxxon-type road blaster that still seems to turn up on almost every compilation going, and Android Two plays quite brilliantly for a game that's now four years old. Cracking stuff.

Android 27/10
Tornado Low Level7/10
Highway Encounter8/10
Transcript by Chris Bourne

Sinclair User Issue 65, August 1987   page(s) 29

Warning: All 3D haters out there, quickly turn the page. Reading this could seriously damage your brain. Best of 3D is a completely misnamed compilation. It was of course originally titled A Few 3D Games That My Aunty Said Were Very Pretty.

So what's in it? Android II: Ugh! Yeeuch! And strange farting sounds. Easily the worst worst game here. Quick, Where's the plug? T.L.L.: Now, this IS good. Old it may be, but it is still as impressive as it was when it was released. Revolution: Boing. Boing. Bounder meets Bobby Bearing in this middling filmation style game. Highway Encounter: This one's a classic. Just what I've always dreamed of doing: Driving a pepperpot down a motorway. If you like this stuff you probably have it already. If classic. Just what I've always dreamed of doing: Driving a pepperpot down a motorway.

Label: Vortex
Price: £8.99
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Tony Dillon

Summary: Nice compilation with a few good points but let down by Android II.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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