Countries and Capitals
by Keith Pirie
Teachers Pet Software
Crash Issue 56, September 1988   (1988-08-25)   page(s) 109

COUNTRIES AND Capitals is a basic flag/country recognition program. The user is presented with a flag, and asked to identify the represented country and its capital city. If the incorrect response is typed in (and spelling is important here), the correct answer is displayed. The program shows a total score at the end of the round. Countries And Capitals would have been better if clues had been given about the countries, so that the user could have several attempts at identifying it. I found this a restricting program In that it seems to test rote learning of flag, country and capital, without providing any other information (such as the location of the country). But in a classroom context, where the rest of the curriculum fills such gaps, it might provide a useful resource for the testing of a limited body of knowledge.

OverallNot Rated
Transcript by Chris Bourne

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