Master Word
by Roger Took, Steve Ridley
Hill MacGibbon
Crash Issue 29, June 1986   (1986-05-29)   page(s) 60

This is quite a difficult game for guessing hidden words correctly. Master Word can be played against the computer or against another player, and the number of letters (up to 61 in the mystery word can be selected. You can also choose whether or not to play against the clock, or to have sound. If the game is played against the computer, it enters a mystery word with the number of letters you have selected human players can take it in turns to enter the hidden word.

In the game itself, a row of dots is displayed on the screen, one for each letter in the hidden word, and the first player simply has to type in any word of the required length. The computer then tells you the number of correct letters in the right position. Ten guesses are allowed, but it is possible to give up by pressing 1. The computer keeps the score, showing the players ' names, the mystery words, the number of guesses taken, and the time taken.

My only criticism is that SPACE is used instead of ENTER, which I found rather irritating.

Control keys: words typed in the normal way, with SPACE to confirm.
Keyboard play: slightly slow.
Use of colour: clear and bright.
Graphics: limited.

OverallNot Rated
Summary: General Rating: An enjoyable game for encouraging thinking about letters and words.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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