Shaken But Not Stirred
by Not Known
Richard Shepherd Software Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 10, January 1983   page(s) 21


NOW James Bond has managed to find his way on to the 48K Spectrum in an adventure game called Shaken but not Stirred. The game is in two parts. In the first part a nuclear missile is abducted and the player, James Bond, must find and disarm it.

The first section of the game is a chase round the world, where Bond is threatened by spies, attacked by muggers and invited into taxis for secret meetings. At various points clues, in the form of anagrams, are given to the player to indicate where Dr Death's hideout is located. Once you have found that you can load part two of the game and visit Dr Death's island.

You must explore the island and attempt to discover the secret entrance to Dr Death's underwater hide-away. If you find it you will find yourself in a three-dimensional maze. You must find the control room and de-activate the deadly weapon.

To add to your troubles in the maze, a villain called Paws will stalk you and try to kill you. If you manage to find the control room and de-activate the missile, you must rush to London for your favourite drink, a Vodka Martini.

The game is a fast-moving, machine code adventure but stage one can be slightly monotonous as it is all too easy to be killed. There are also random elements in the game which hamper the planning of strategy.

Shaken but not Stirred is available from Richard Shepherd Software, 22 Green Leys, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7EZ. It costs £6.50.

OverallNot Rated
Transcript by Chris Bourne

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