by Not Known
Big K Issue 2, May 1984   page(s) 29

MAKER: Havensoft
MACHINE: Spectrum 48K
FORMAT: cassette

Adventure games allow you to take on the mantle of many powerful and dynamic beings and experience strange and exciting things. But are you ready to become a worm? Not just any old worm but Wonderworm (ta, da!) who has an urgent appointment to attend his uncle's Wormsday party (more worm jokes to come). Our ductile hero must leaves his comfortable worm hole, full of wormhold items (see!) and find his way through terrible, worm-destroying hazards to the party. Despite its cutesy theme this is not an easy adventure game. Indeed, just leaving the worm hole requires some thought to find the special keyword needed to release you (and it ain't 'slither' or 'crawl'). Wonderworm runs mainly in text but has some good and amusing graphics buried within it. Most of the standard adventure game commands are recognised with LOOK and HELP being of vital use. This is a game with a sense of humour and a lot going for it. Excuse me while workout how to avoid being eaten by a cow again.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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