International Football
by Shaun G. McClure
Cult Games
Crash Issue 69, October 1989   (1989-09-19)   page(s) 48

Not another football manager game, i hear you all cry. Well, go and get a large box of tissues, 'cos that's exactly what it is. international Soccer comes with a list as long as your arm of things that supposedly make this different from the other footy games. The list includes a colour editor (woo!), American championships (woowoo!) and a manager's rating (the train now arriving...!). Excited yet? One thing that does single out international Football from the other squllion football manager games on my desk is the graphics the programmers have included to try and brighten the game up. They aren't exactly arcade quality (well in fact they're just the shirts and shorts), but it's the thought that counts. Something that surprised me about this game is that the character set has been redefined. Not unusual you may say, but in football manager games it is.

I'll tell you what annoys me the most about International Football: the waiting while the computer recalculates everything. I simply hate it. If you feel you need to add another football manager game to the million you already have gathering dust on the shelf then look at this.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Sinclair Issue 47, November 1989   page(s) 47

Out of a large heap of broadly similar-looking soccer games submitted by Cult, I decided to subject myself to this one. As always, the theme is management and the technique is to select the right things from the right menus at the right times. Out of all the football games I've been made to play International Football would appear to be one of the most comprehensive and hence most agonising to review.

Obviously the football takes place on an international basis - it centres around the World Cup. You get to manage the team of any nation of any level of obscurity of your choice and, even more obviously, attempt to lead them to victory. Or several other cups, in fact.

There are thousands of features listed on the inlay, very few of which I can even begin to comprehend. Those in the know will be relieved to hear that the game encompasses "average attendances", "relegation", "manager sackings" "+ much more". Sounds good to me.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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