Into Africa
by Kevin Smith
Crash Issue 62, March 1989   (1989-02-23)   page(s) 69

The final £2.99 priced game this month is from the Hewson budget label, Rack-It. Called Into Africa (69%) it is, unsurpisingly, set in the jungles of Africa. If your Spectrum days go back a few years you may remember the classic strategy/adventure Lords Of Midnight, well Into Africa is very similar in look and feel to that. The control method is the first thing that hits you, for some strange reason it has only three keys to select a whole host of options making it slightly difficult. The game itself should provide hours of play for adventure fans with forty controllable characters, eight radio operators and a massive landscape to explore.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

ACE Issue 20, May 1989   page(s) 65

Rack-It - Spectrum: £2.99

Any adventurers longing for the heady days of Lords of Midnight should welcome this budget release with open arms. Into Africa is menu-driven and features a landscaping technique almost identical to Mike Singleton's mega-game.

Taking individual control of up to 40 characters, the player must coordinate their combined efforts in an effort to protect an area of Africa from invading rebel tribesmen. However, the tribes indigenous to the region have been divided by the loss of the Golden Mask. Only once the mask has been found will the tribes be reunited and strong enough to fend off the rebel forces. And just to make matters worse, their leader Chief Kasula is dying from a rare jungle fever. Oh, dear.

Into Africa isn't quite as easy to operate as was its inspiration, due to a tedious menu system. However, the game is pretty captivating, and at only three quid...

Ace Rating881/1000
Transcript by Chris Bourne

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