Manager, The
by Stephen Bye, Bernard Gurnard
GTI Software
Crash Issue 83, December 1990   (1990-11-15)   page(s) 46

As a newly appointed manager to a fourth division team your task is a simple one. Turn these down and outs into top stars by taking them into the first division. Your, contract lasts for ten years but, beware! If the management think you're not doing your best you can be sacked without warning.

So what options does this football management game have that the other billion don't? Well, the main one is that if you bring your team to the top of the first division you can save it out to tape. A new release from GTi Software is in the making: Soccer Director. You can load your team from Manager into the new one and continue their success.

The Manager could have been brightened up with some graphics: endless text menus are not the best at keeping a player's attention. All football management fans will find this game interesting, being one of the first ones to allow you to carry on your winning streak in a future release.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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