Invader Cube
by Not Known
Oasis Software
Crash Issue 03, April 1984   (1984-03-16)   page(s) 31,32

This program has a slightly split personality in as much as it is called Invader Cube on the cassette inlay and 3D OXO on the screen. Its schizophrenia doesn't in anyway affect the game itself which is full of neat touches, and, as you might guess, is a 3D noughts and crosses game.

It is played against the computer on four 4 x 4 grids which are stacked one above the other in perspective on the left of the screen. Each grid, referred to in the program as a Plane, is numbered from the top 1 to 4. Each grid is then numbered In Rows (across) and Columns (up and down) 1 to 4.

On the right of the screen, under the title (alter ego) 3D OXO, are two sets of Invaders, ten of each in white and yellow, yours on top, the computer's underneath. Below that is the user-friendly prompt box.

Although the program has a lot of BASIC in it, entries are made to the prompt only by typing in - you don't have to ENTER them. All that's required is a Y-es or a N-o. To start, you are asked whether you want to go first. This established, you are then asked to enter the number of the Plane, then the Row, and finally the Column. Each entry is verified by the computer asking 'O.K?' so you can change your mind if you want to. When the entry is complete, one of the little invader characters trundles over to the correct Plane and Row and slots itself Into the Column. Then it's the computer's turn.

Any straight Iine wins horizontally, vertically or diagonally on one Plane or through the whole stack.

Control keys: Y, N, 1, 2, 3, 4
Use of colour: simple but effective
Graphics: games like this don't rely on fantastic graphics, but these are good
Sound: reasonable

'The clarity of the graphics make this the best 3D noughts and crosses game I have come across. The Idea of having different coloured Invaders instead of boring old noughts and crosses is very neat and obviously appeals to children without Insulting adult players. A nice touch is when a winning line is formed. The responsible Invaders all jiggle up and down triumphantly! Its such an easy program to use and it's price so attractive that the lack of any difficulty levels hardly matters at all - it's still a very hard game to win at. '

'The 3D display is rather good, especially considering the game is mostly BASIC. The computer is a good opponent but does tend to be slow to respond on occasions. I suppose this is the thinking man's Invaders game. Having Invaders on your side instead of shooting them certainly makes a change. A Lot of thought is required as the computer can pull a trick out of the bag just when you think you've got it sewed up.'

'If I had to choose between this game or Arcturus by Visions, It would be this one I would pick. Apart from the fact that it is 100% easier to understand what's going on, this one is £2 cheaper. The graphics work very well and the whole idea is appealing. You may have to wait a few seconds for the computer to make up its mind, but then, it has to wait much longer for you. Anyway, the pause gives you time to think - and you need it! I would recommend this game.'

Use of Computer63%
Getting Started75%
Addictive Qualities69%
Value For Money80%
Summary: General Rating: Good, playable and very good value for money.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Crash Living Guide Issue 04, May 1984   page(s) 64

Producer: Oasis, 48K £4.95 (3)
Invader Cubes is a novel presentation of 3D Noughts and Crosses. The game is played by one player against the computer on four vertically stacked 4 x 4 grids. What makes this game an excellent verion is the novelty of using space invaders as markers, and its utter simplicity in play. Despite being in BASIC, the program runs quite rapidly and without any of the confusing frills normally attached to 3D Noughts and Crosses for the computer. All entries are prompted and then verified before your space invader jiggles its way over to the tower of grids and places itself. A winning line results in all four responsible invaders jumping up and down gleefully. The graphics are extremely effective and our reviewers put this version down as one of the best despite its lack of skill levels. Over CRASH rating 69%.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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