Shanghai Warriors
by Kevin Parker, Colin Swinbourne, Martin Severn, Andrew Severn, Mike Brown
Players Software
Crash Issue 64, May 1989   (1989-04-27)   page(s) 29

Yet another Martial Arts game makes its way onto the Spectrum in the guise of Shanghai Warriors. The archetypal vigilante figure rushes about and kicks the crap out of everyone in his search for a missing submarine (!?), I've seen it all before guys. But if the gameplay's a little overfamiliar, the graphics and sonics are still quite good with colourful backgrounds at the air force, army and navy bases you visit. A good game, but a bit too easy with no end-of-level monsters for just three levels.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Sinclair Issue 44, August 1989   page(s) 50

Not to be confused with Shanghai Warrior, of course. It's a nifty trick, innit, just bunging an 's' on the end of a successful game. Well it ain't! It's a rather tatty Renegade clone from Players, with indifferent graphics, dullsville gameplay and fewer new ideas than Status Quo. When you finally manage to load it up (it's a multiload marathon), all you see are yourself and three thugs jumping around aimlessly. Punch them out and they disappear, Renegade-style. Then it's onto the next stretch of road and more of the same. You keep on playing, desperately trying to find something a little more interesting to do, but that's it. There is the occasional weapon to pick up, but that's about it too. So, not a memorable game by any means. Efficiently programmed, for sure, but utterly, utterly lacking in inspiration.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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