Shuttle Shock
by Rob Povey
Software Supersavers Ltd
Crash Issue 13, February 1985   (1985-01-24)   page(s) 11

Here we have another of Software Projects' budget games under their Software Super Savers brand name. Shuttle Shock is a platform game with an undeniably MM-cum-JSW -left-overs feeling to it. You play the part of a shuttle pilot in your space suit, suffering from a galactic form of jet lag - shuttle shock. Disorientation has separated you from your battery charger and the idea is to reach it once on every screen. The platforms include solid ones, ones that sink and act as lifts downwards and ones that slide sideways. To climb levels you have a teleport button that causes you to dematerialise and then rematerialise on the desired platform. Each screen is armed with varying monsters that move about on pre-determined paths and make life difficult.

Half the point to the game is to discover the best route round to get to your charger and learn the timing routines required to achieve this without getting killed off. Teleporting just as a nasty comes up is no good, since you can be killed if even the merest hint of your tail is left behind.

Control keys: CAPS/Z left/right, BREAK to teleport, M music on/off toggle
Joystick: none
Keyboard play: responsive and very simple
Use of colour: varies well, but overall not very colourful
Graphics: smallish, reasonably animated
Sound: continuous music with on/off facility
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 3
Screens: several

'The direction and teleport buttons are in very good positions. The continuous music is just a funny little tune that repeats itself. The game itself involves judgement of heights and angles to ensure a correct teleportation, as well as close timing to avoid the different types of nasty. I liked the graphics, which are neat and amusing, but overall, only a fair game.'

'The style and animation of the moving characters in this game is very reminiscent of Manic Miner. Not that this is anything like as good a game, either in content or colour, but one wonders whether the hand of M. Smith Esq. had anything to do with it! With each screen completed, the next is a little harder in layout and timing, which makes Shuttle Shock a reasonable game for its price, even reasonable fun without being a monster hit.'

'One of the touches in this cute game that reminds me inevitably of Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy is the use of a name for each room along the lines of Minter's Mowers or a reference to the old and defunct enemy, Imagine with Stinkers (remember Stonkers)? The smallish graphics are fairly detailed and move well, although there are a few bugs in the program when bits and pieces of graphics aren't always neatly cleared away! On the whole, quite playable and not bad for the price.'

Use of Computer60%
Getting Started52%
Addictive Qualities63%
Value For Money66%
Summary: General Rating: An average game, quite playable, at a below average price.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Personal Computer Games Issue 15, February 1985   page(s) 73

MACHINE: Spectrum 48K
FROM: Software Projects, £1.99

What a shock! A platform game with a difference. The difference is angular teleporting. To move up you don't jump, you teleport in an upward diagonal line. With a bit of skill you end up on a platform and not in mid-air.

Then there are the lifts which either drop you down safely, or shoot you sideways. They make moving about the screens great fun.

Apart from that the screens and nasties are in the Manic Miner genre and are really very good. Solving them is challenging and fun. The only drawback is there are just 10 screens and it may not take more than a week or two to get through them all.

Verdict: Lemme 'ave another go.

Value For Money: 7/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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