Ellisnore Diamond, The
by Jack A. Lockerby
River Software
Crash Issue 97, March 1992   page(s) 42

Why did he do it? Why did Sir Roger Durwood betray his former friend, King Charles I, to the Roundheads? Alas, he cannot tell - weighed down with guilt, he died a lonely man (aaah, shame).

Even after death he couldn't rest. It was said he hid he Ellisnore Diamond, a gift from the king for his help earlier in the civil war, and the secret of its whereabouts died with him. Just before he died, he vowed to sell the diamond and use the proceeds to help the poor of the parish. You must complete this task and release his ghost from eternal damnation!

The Ellisnore Diamond is a very well constructed game. The white-on-black font is clear and functional, and there are no bugs or spelling mistakes that I could find. The parser's very comprehensive, accepting a variety of inputs for most commands. Location descriptions are short but effective, and most locations are immediately accessible - there's always a lot to do.

Although the games logic isn't always true to life, eg, you can't climb the steep hill until you find the boots, it's always consistent and fair. You're never left wondering "How the hell was I supposed to get that".

On the minus side it contains another of Jack Lockerby's horrible mobile mates, which alter depending on your actions, and at one stage you have to be at the right place at the right time to meet somebody, something I've never found endearing (unsociable bast - Ed).

Still, these are very much personal taste issues, and they don't stop The Ellisnore Diamond being a very good game.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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