Krazy Kartoonist Kaper, The
by Kez Gray, Larry Horsfield
FSF Adventures
Your Sinclair Issue 85, January 1993   page(s) 29

The other games in the FSF collection are a mixed bag. There's a 128k only adventure called Krazy Kartoonist Kaper. In it you play a dog who has to rescue her mistress after she's kidnapped by the SAS. This game, as well as being a rare commodity - a funny game that actually is funny - is accompanied on the same tape by something called Grueknapped which is also rather funny though in a far more subtle way. Originally available for the Amstrad it has been converted by Larry Horsfield and is probably one of the funniest games of the last five years. It all takes place in caves below Ormskirk. Doesn't sound like the stuff of comedic brilliance, but believe me it is! Grue-knapped is also available on its own.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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