by St. Bride's School
G.I. Games
Your Sinclair Issue 80, August 1992   page(s) 38

With Zenobi taking over the distribution of the GI Games back catalogue even more adventurers will be exposed to this absolute gem of a game. Originally written by the St. Bride's team, Silverwolf is the kind of game that will hook new adventurers and reel them in. It's a two-parter, has some rather nice split-screen graphics and is easy enough (and friendly enough) to let novices get on with it.

The game is set in western England - 5000 years ago. The cast of characters have names like Lord Fear, Morven and Princess Mayana. These are mere bit players as the game itself revolves round the exploits of the central characters. Thunder and Uisce appear in Part One, and Rahiyana and Whirlwind take centre stage in Part Two. Each character has specific attributes which are needed at certain times during the game.

The actual game plot is quite deep. A usurper sits on the throne of Abolan and the four main characters you control must help the reincarnated form of the true Princess regain her rightful place as ruler. Bizarrely, a modern schoolgirl, Petra Stone, is the reincarnation of the Princess. She must drink from the Cup of Memory on the Sacred Mountain and the enchanted sword must also be found and retrieved if the Princess's warrior alter-ego, Silverwolf, is to be reborn.

Silverwolf is an adventurer's dream. Everything that needs to be included as an aid to adventuring has been, and the parser works superbly too. Most intriguing of all though is the way the characters have different abilities. Uisce, who is a shape changer, is my favourite character as she can change into almost any living form she encounters.

The objects you are expected to find and use whilst playing have a magical air about them, and many have little detailed graphics that accompany them. The same goes for the locations. The descriptions of the various places you can visit on your travels are gorgeous and the atmosphere they help create really does go to make this game a classic. At just £1.99 it shouldn't be missed. The good news is that two other titles from Zenobi, The White Feather Cloak and The Dogboy are similar in style, content and overall quality. Two more essential purchases to be reviewed next issue!

Personal Ratings9/10
Transcript by Chris Bourne

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