by Charles A. Sharp
Alternative Software Ltd
Computer & Videogames Issue 84, October 1988   page(s) 87

SUPPLIER: Alternative Software
MACHINES: Spectrum 48K
PRICE: £1.99

Smashed is not exactly a new adventure, but has been the subject of many pleas in the Helpline, over the past few months. Unfortunately, I was sent neither a review copy nor a press release. Indeed, I only knew of its existence from the mail I was receiving.

Eventually I contacted the publisher, Alternative Software, who were kind enough to send me a copy post haste. So what is all the fuss about?

Smashed stands for Strangest Mobile Army Surgical Hospital East of Detroit. Needless to say, it helps a lot if you are a fan of the popular TV series MASH. You play the part of Pigseye Peers, an army surgeon. Before playing very far into the adventure, Clingon goes missing, presumably trapped in a minefield, and you are asked to report to the entrance to help out.

Now I'm not sure whether it was my lack of the intimate details of MASH, whether it was just sheer stupidity, or whether it is the way the adventure is written, but after some three or four hours playing, I had managed to solve only one problem, and even that didn't merit any points! However, it obviously is possible to do better than this, as a number of clues just starting to roll in to the Helpline testify. However, invariably the purveyors of such clues and their letters with an even greater number of problems with which they require help!

It's only a budget game, probably GACked, and written by the recently prolific C. A. Sharp (have I put you off yet?) but no-one has actually claimed to have solved it yet! There's no prizes on offer for anyone who does, but if you can afford the £1.99, and don't mind risking boredom whilst struggling with it, it may be worth a try. And if you solve it, let me know!

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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