by The Shaw Brothers: Graham D. Shaw
Atlantis Software Ltd
Crash Issue 81, October 1990   (1990-09-20)   page(s) 48

This is nowhere near as good as the original Cerius. That was full of cute, cuddly creatures and addictive gameplay, this is just a basic shoot-'em-up with nothing to compel you to come back for more. You fly awkwardly around each screen hopelessly trying to avoid enemy bullets and return some of your own. The ship moves so slowly you're bound to be killed before you get anywhere.

You can build up your ship's weaponry (like all the best games) to a double laser, triple lacer and even a Antiphib blaster (coo!)! Graphically, Cerius II resembles the other games created by programming team The Shaw Brothers: colourful and detailed sprites move glitch free across the screen. But graphics alone do not make a game, and with a tune like the one on the title screen anybody with ears will want to switch off! A disappointing follow up that may only appeal to shoot-'em-up fans.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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