International Rugby Simulator
by Ian Dunlop, Neil Adamson, David Whittaker
Code Masters Ltd
Crash Issue 61, February 1989   (1989-01-26)   page(s) 66

Code Masters' latest simulator to being the teeth-smashing sport of rugby to the Spectrum. International Rugby Simulator (68%) features a league of eight teams (any of them computer-controlled) competing for the championship. Matches are portrayed in Match Day-style 3-D. The player controls one player at a time: running, passing and kicking. Scrummages and line-outs are also featured for added realism. Graphics are simple stick-men but David Whittaker's title tune is good. Rugby is a difficult sport to simulator in a computer game, but this is a brave attempt which offers a fair amount of playability for rugger fans.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Sinclair Issue 38, February 1989   page(s) 79

"This is it the truly definitive rugby game." says the blurb, when what they really mean is "the only rugby game on the market". Still, times are tough in Darlingland, as they must be slowly but surely running out of things to simulate. Duncan's offered them a controlling interest in Gardensoft. but no dice. (Advanced Dice Simulator? There's an idea.) Meanwhile, it's off to Twickenham, although suspicions are immediately raised when you see that the puff on the back ("An amazing mixture of strategy and fast action... absolutely brilliant'") is not from one of the mags but comes courtesy of one David Darling. In the end though, this actually is quite a good rugby game, using many of the tricks leamt by Jon Ritman on Match Days 1 and 2. It's easy to control, and many of its features, like scrums and throwins, are handled very impressively. If you've been waiting years for a decent rugby sim you'll love it - as for the wider market. I'm not sure, but I (who hate rugby) thoroughly enjoyed it.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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