The Prestige Collection
Release Year  1987
Publisher  Activision Inc (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  English
Genre  Compilation
Max. Players  1
Original Price  £9.99

     #1 - Proein Soft Line (Spain)(1987)

Compilation Contents
     1-A-1: The Eidolon(1986)by Activision Inc (UK)- Full version
     1-B-1: Koronis Rift(1987)by Activision Inc (UK)- Full version
     2-A-1: Ballblazer(1986)by Activision Inc (UK)- Full version
     2-B-1: Rescue on Fractalus!(1986)by Activision Inc (UK)- Full version

Additional File Downloads
     PrestigeCollectionThe.gif12,363OriginalRunning screen
     PrestigeCollectionThe.jpg732,858OriginalCassette inlay
     PrestigeCollectionThe(ProeinSoftLine).jpg150,200#1Cassette inlay

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     Crashissue #45-1987/10page 106- Review - Crash - Compilation: Not Rated

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     Crashissue #45-1987/10page 62- Offer
     Crashissue #45-1987/10page 106- Feature - All Together Now (compilations)
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