Sinclair User issue 125: Great Eight 14
Release Year  1992
Publisher  Sinclair User (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  English
Genre  Covertape
Max. Players  1
Magazine Issue Link  Sinclair User #125 - 1992/7

Compilation Contents
     A-1: Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death(1991)by Audiogenic Software Ltd (UK)- Full version
     A-2: Font Creator(1992)by Sinclair User (UK)- Full version
     A-3: Fuss Load(1992)by Sinclair User (UK)- Full version
     A-4: SU + Crash Advertby Sinclair User (UK)- Full version
     A-5: Pokemaniaby Sinclair User (UK)- Full version
     B-1: Magnetic Moon(1989)by FSF Adventures (UK)- Full version
     B-2: Termination(1992)by Sinclair User (UK)- Full version
     B-3: Theo's Music Demo 3 [Sound Demo 03](1992)by Theo Devil (Greece)- Full version
     B-4: Tips Amazingby Sinclair User (UK)- Full version

Main File Downloads
SUIssue125-GreatEight14.tzx.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(???)English

Additional File Downloads
     SUIssue125-GreatEight14.gif24,071OriginalRunning screen
     SUIssue125-GreatEight14.jpg92,722OriginalCassette inlay

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