Aliases  Disenador de Aventuras AD
Release Year  1989
Original Publisher  Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  Spanish
Genre  Utility: Game Creator
Max. Players  1

     Tim Gilberts (UK) - ?

Titles Authored/Executed With This Tool
     Chichen Itza(1992)by Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
     ELF, La Aventura - Parte 1(2016)
     Eight Feet Under(2019)by Pond Software Ltd
     El Cetro del Sol(2015)
     El Dia Que Lo Entiendas Se Acaba El Mundoby Pedro Fernandez Lopez (Spain)
     Jabato(1989)by Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
     Karhum(2019)by Toni Pera
     La Aventura Espacial(1990)by Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
     La Aventura Original(1989)by Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
     Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur(2020)by Dwalin
     Last Night in the Office(2020)by Quizlock
     Los Templos Sagrados(1991)by Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
     One Last Thing(2020)by Dee Cooke
     Pandemia XXI(2019)by luckywebsoft
     Proyecto Vampiro(2019)by Pedro Fernandez Lopez (Spain)
     The House on the Other Side of the Storm(2019)by Pablo Martínez Merino (Spain)
     The Revenge of Moriarty(2019)by Gareth Pitchford (UK)
     Torreoscura(2020)by Bieno Marti (Spain)
     ZHL(2016)by Alien Software (Spain)

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