Aliases  Battlecar Marauder
Release Year  1988
Publisher  Hewson Consultants Ltd (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Language  English
Genre  Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Max. Players  1
Controls  Interface 2 (right), Kempston, Redefineable keys
Original Price  £7.99
Disk Price  £12.99
Other Platforms  Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64
Average mag. score  82.02% (5 reviews)

     #1 - Erbe Software S.A. (Spain)(1988)
     #2 - Kixx (UK)(1988)

     Casey Bee Games (UK)at Arcanum Software Developments
     Rory C. Green (UK)at Arcanum Software Developments
     J. Dave Rogers (UK)at Arcanum Software Developments
     Steve Weston - Inlay/Poster Art

Review Awards
     "Crash Smash" at Crash issue #55 - 1988/8 page 22
"Sinclair User Classic" at Sinclair User issue #76 - 1988/7 page 12

     Early press mentioned this game as "Battlecar Marauder", but Hewson ultimately announced it as "Marauder".

Main File Downloads
Marauder.tap.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K/128K(???)English
 Marauder.tzx.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K/128K(Hewson Slowload (64512))English
 Marauder(ErbeSoftwareS.A.) 48K/128K(Hewson Slowload (64512))English
 Marauder(Kixx) 48K/128K(Hewson Slowload (64512))English

Additional File Downloads
     Marauder.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     Marauder.gif4,863OriginalRunning screen
     Marauder_2.jpg149,037OriginalCassette inlay
     Marauder.jpg465,977OriginalCassette inlay
     Marauder.ay.zip3,732OriginalRipped in-game/theme music in AY format
     Marauder.mp3.zip5,271,995OriginalSampled in-game/theme music in MP3 format
     Marauder.jpg318,572OriginalGame map
     Marauder_2.gif398,634OriginalGame map
     Marauder (1988)(Hewson Consultants).pok339OriginalPOK pokes file
     Marauder(Kixx).jpg603,689#2Cassette inlay

Magazine Reviews
     ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)issue #11-1988/8page 59- Review
     ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)issue #12-1988/9page 67- Review: 791/1000
     Crashissue #55-1988/8page 22- Review: 90%
     MicroHobbyissue #177-1988/9page 31- Review - Nuevo
     Sinclair Userissue #76-1988/7page 12- Review: 90%
     The Games Machineissue #9-1988/8page 48- Review - not a Spectrum article
     The Games Machineissue #10-1988/9page 50- Review: 71%
     Your Sinclairissue #33-1988/9page 87- Review: 8/10

Magazine References
     ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)issue #9-1988/6page 11- News/Note
     ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)issue #14-1988/11page 114- Map
     C&VG (Computer & Video Games)issue #81-1988/7page 12- News/Note
     C&VG (Computer & Video Games)issue #84-1988/10page 100- Tips
     C&VG (Computer & Video Games)issue #87-1989/1page 82- Hack/Poke
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     Popular Computing Weeklyissue v.7 #28-1988/7/21-"week#3"page 22- News/Note
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     Your Sinclairissue #68-1991/8page 29- Tips
     Your Sinclairissue #87-1993/3page 27- Hack/Poke

Magazine Advertisements
     C&VG (Computer & Video Games)issue #81-1988/7page 78- Full-page ad
     Crashissue #54-1988/7page 41- Full-page ad
     Sinclair Userissue #76-1988/7page 36- Full-page ad
     Sinclair Userissue #77-1988/8page 41- Full-page ad

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