A Whole New Ball Game
Release Year  1989
Original Publisher  Crash (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  English
Genre  Game: Puzzle
Max. Players  1
Controls  Cursor, Interface 2 (right), Kempston, Redefineable keys
Original Publication  On magazine covertape
Martijn's WoS score  79.6% (25 votes)

     Pete Cooke (UK) - ?

Music References
     Includes the following music: W.A. Mozart, Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" K 525, I. Allegro

     Full version inCrash issue 66: Presents 2(1989)by Crash (UK)

Main File Downloads
WholeNewBallGameA.tap.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(???)English

Additional File Downloads
     WholeNewBallGameA.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     WholeNewBallGameA.gif2,477OriginalRunning screen
     Whole New Ball Game, A (1989)(Crash).pok62OriginalPOK pokes file

Magazine References
     Crashissue #66-1989/7page 8- CoverGame
     Crashissue #68-1989/9page 31- Tips

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