Escape from Hodgkin's Manor
Aliases  The Escape from Hodgkins' Manor
Release Year  1990
Original Publisher  Zenobi Software (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  English
Genre  Adventure Game: Text-Only
Max. Players  1
Original Price  £1.99
Authored with  The Quill Adventure System
Other Platforms  Amstrad CPC
Martijn's WoS score  55% (2 votes)

     Jonathan Scott (UK) - ?
     Stephen Boyd (UK) - ?
     Kez Gray (UK) - ?

Series "The Zikov Trilogy"
     1. Escape from Hodgkin's Manor(1990)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     2. Red Alert(1991)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     3. Beginning of the End(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)

     Full version inZX-Spectrum Vega(2015)by Retro Computers Ltd (UK)- titled "Escape From Hodgkins' Manor"

Main File Downloads
EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.tzx.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(None)English
 EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.z80.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(???)English
 EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.mgt.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(None)English
 EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.dsk.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 128 +3(None)English

Additional File Downloads
     EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.gif2,035OriginalRunning screen
     EscapeFromHodgkinsManor.jpg158,942OriginalScanned instructionsEnglish

Magazine References
     Sinclair Userissue #119-1992/1page 31- Solution - solution first half
     Sinclair Userissue #120-1992/2page 34- Solution - solution second half
     Sinclair Userissue #131-1993/1page 32- Solution - solution part 1

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