Professional Adventure Writer
Aliases  PAW
The Professional Adventure Writing System
Release Date  1987
Original Publisher  Gilsoft International (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Genre  Utility: Game Creator
Max. Players  1
Original Price  £22.95
Disk Price  £27.95
Groups  Gilsoft Game Creators
Average mag. score  98.50% (2 reviews)
Martijn's WoS score  90% (12 votes)

     #1 - Aventuras AD S.A. (Spain)
     * Release price: 3999.00 Ptas

     Tim Gilberts (UK) - Code
     Graeme Yeandle (UK) - Code
     Phil Wade (UK) - Code
     Dicon Peeke - In-game Graphics
     Kevin Maddocks (UK) - In-game Graphics

Authors according to SPOT/SPEX
     A Williams, K Maddocks, D Peeke
*** Data provided by SPOT/SPEX is unconfirmed. Please help us validate this information!

Annual Awards
     1st Best Utility - 1987 Crash Readers Awards.

Review Awards
     "Crash Smash"at Crashissue v.1 #40 - 1987/Maypage 54
     "Sinclair User Classic"at Sinclair Userissue #62 - 1987/Maypage 74

     See also Professional Adventure Writer - User Overlays.

Titles Authored/Executed With This Tool
     A Day in the Life of a Tupperware Salesman(1995)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     A Dungeon Romp(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     A Fistful of Blood Capsules(1987)by Zodiac Software (UK)
     A Fistful of Necronomicons(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     A Hero for Sorania(1998)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     A Holiday to Remember(1987)by Visual Dimensions (UK)
     A Journey One Spring(1988)by Isolated House (UK)
     A Legacy for Alaric(1989)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     A Life of Crime(1990)by Global Games [1] (UK)
     A Matter for a Super Heroby Bolsoftware Communications Ltd (Spain)
     A Midsummer Days Dream(1994)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     A Promotional Prospect(1994)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     A Soupcon of Trouble(2002)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     A View to a Chipby Futuresoft (UK)
     Abracadabra(1988)by Proein Soft Line (Spain)
     Absolution(1992)by Pegasus Software (UK)
     Achus Babilonia(1993)by Penazo Soft (Spain)
     Agatha's Folly(1989)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Akbarr(1991)by ARDENT Software (Spain)
     Al Ladron(1990)by Luis Felipe Sanchez Palacios (Spain)
     Alerta Ovni(1989)by Ricardo Villalba Martinez (Spain)
     Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillasby DaniSoft (Spain)
     Alien Research Centre 2(2019)by Pension Productions (UK)
     All in a Day's Work(1996)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Alstrad(1991)by The Guild (UK)
     Ardonicus 3by 8th Day Software (UK)
     Arlene(1991)by The Guild (UK)
     Arnold the Adventurer(1990)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Arnold the Adventurer II(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Arnold the Adventurer III(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Aunt Velma Is Coming to Tea
     Aventuraby Aurelio Biedma Gil (Spain)
     Aventura A: Planet of Death(2009)by Mastodon (Spain)
     Aventura Game(2014)by Miguel A. Matías
     Aztec Assault(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Beginning of the End(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors - Edit 1: The Director's Cut(2019)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors - Edit 2: The Cat's Choice Edition(2019)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors - Edit 3: The Crunchy Cockroach Edition(2019)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors 4: Balrog's Day Out(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors 7: Happiness is a Warm Pussy(2018)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors 8 - The Pandemic(2020)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Behind Closed Doors 9 (PAW)(2020)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Beware Collaboratorsby Jim Whittle (UK)
     Bienvenido a Cuculandia(1991)by Psykosis Soft (Argentina)
     Blink(2003)by ZXIF (UK)
     Bob Esponja -La Aventura-(2010)by SPECTRAVENTURA (Spain)
     Bog of Brit(1990)by Stormbringer Software (UK)
     Bogmole II: Zogan's Revenge(1992)by Compass Software (UK)
     Bogmole III: The Wizards Skull(1992)by Compass Software (UK)
     Brian and the Dishonest Politician(1992)by Delbert the Hamster Software (UK)
     Brian: The Novice Barbarian(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Bulbo and the Dragon(2019)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Bulbo's Intrepid Adventure(2019)by Pension Productions (UK)
     By Right of Birth(2002)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Caballeros de la Mesa Cuadradaby Iron Chip (Spain)
     Captain Kook(1989)by The Silent Corner (UK)
     Caputxeta's New Tale(1991)by Hispanis Adventures (Spain)
     Cell of the Ridgesby Graham Burtenshaw (UK)
     Celtic Carnage(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Cielo e Infierno(1992)by Psykosis Soft (Argentina)
     Cimmerjan(1993)by Sindicato del Software (Spain)
     Civil Service(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Civil Service II(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Cloud 99(1988)by Marlin Games (UK)
     Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Apocalypse(2007)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Cryogenic(2005)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Evilution(2007)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Colon 1492(1992)by Imperial Soft (Spain)
     Como la Vida Misma (O Parecido)(1990)by Burga's Adventure (Spain)
     Conman the Barbaric(1991)by Elven Adventurers (UK)
     Corrupt(1990)by G.LL. Software S.A. (Spain)
     Corya the Warrior-Sage(1992)by The Guild (UK)
     Cosmos(1989)by Futuresoft (UK)
     Crack City(1989)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Crystal Quest(1988)by Chris Chadwick (UK)
     Cuando Llega la Noche(1991)by Hispanis Adventures (Spain)
     Cuban Mission(1990)by Bolsoftware Communications Ltd (Spain)
     Cultos Sin Nombre(1994)by Videofex (Spain)
     Curse of the Serpent's Eye(1993)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     D-37(1989)by Beja Soft (Spain)
     Daemon(1990)by Delta 3 Software (UK)
     Dark House(1993)by Arkham Software (Spain)
     Dark Storm(1989)by Global Games [1] (UK)
     Darkest Road(1991)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Davy Jones Locker
     Deadly Silence(1991)by Elven Adventurers (UK)
     Death Bringerby The Guild (UK)
     Death or Glory(1993)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     Deception of the Mind's Eye(1993)by Electric Storm Productions (UK)
     Deep Probe(1992)by Compass Software (UK)
     Deer Creek(2019)by Gareth Pitchford (UK)
     Deliverer 2: Escape to Eskelos(1987)by Brian Parks (UK)
     Desierto(1991)by ALEAsoft (Spain)
     Desmond and Gertrude
     Diablo!(1988)by Nebula Designs Software (UK)
     Diarmid(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Diatmar(1989)by Santiago Marquez Solis (Spain)
     Die Feuerfaust(1995)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Diosa de Cozumelby Samusoft (Spain)
     Disappearance!(1990)by Advanced Adventure Creations (Spain)
     Doce Trabajos de Heracles(1990)by Aventuras Mitologicas S.A. (Spain)
     Don Juan Tenorio(1989)by Francisco Javier Rodriguez Para (Spain)
     Don Quijote de la Mancha(1989)by Aventuras Level 10 (Spain)
     Doomsday(1991)by Relion Software (UK)
     Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1988)by The Essential Myth (UK)
     Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr Hyde(1989)by Morbosoft (Spain)
     Dragnetby Taskmaster Software (UK)
     Dragon Slayer(1992)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     Dragon-Quest(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Dream Walker(2021)by Gareth Pitchford (UK)
     Dreamare(1991)by Delta 3 Software (UK)
     Dungeon of Torgar(1993)by The Guild (UK)
     El Anillo(1990)by Juan Antonio Paz Salgado (Spain)
     El Arte de la Fuga(1992)by Penazo Soft (Spain)
     El Corazon del Angel(1990)by Year Zero Software (Spain)
     El Desierto de Katarby Gandalf Software (Spain)
     El Dia Despues(1989)by Bolsoftware Communications Ltd (Spain)
     El Espacio Maligno(1989)by Daniel Perez Espinosa (Spain)
     El Espia(1992)by PAC Soft (Spain)
     El Examen(1989)by Burga's Adventure (Spain)
     El Forastero(1989)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     El Hobbit (Demo)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     El Libro Negro(1989)by Year Zero Software (Spain)
     El Mosquetero de la Reina (Capítulo 1: El mensajero)(2020)by Sequentia Soft (Spain)
     El Mundo Magico(1991)by Aventuras Espanolas (Spain)
     El Pajarito y el Billete(1991)by DRAGON Software (Spain)
     El Pendulo Rojo(1989)by Antonio Jose Grau (Spain)
     El Prisma de Cristal(1989)by Antonio Jose Grau (Spain)
     El Senor del Dragon(1990)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     El Sueno Profundo(1993)by Sindicato del Software (Spain)
     El Umbral(1989)by Jaime Cristobal Urbicain (Spain)
     El Viejo Archivero(1988)by Aventuras Level 10 (Spain)
     El Volcán(2022)by Cybernetic Soft (Spain)
     Engendro(1989)by Jorge Duran Ponsa (Spain)
     Enter at Your Own Risk(1988)by Teenware (UK)
     Era of Enchantment(1988)by Sacred Scroll Software (UK)
     Erinia(2020)by DaRe
     Escape from Dinosaur Island DX(2019)by Adventuron Software Ltd
     Escape from Murky Woods(2019)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Escape from Prison Planet(1994)by Peter Clark (UK)
     Escape into Space(1987)by Kelsoft (UK)
     Estacion Acuario(1992)by Luis Felipe Sanchez Palacios (Spain)
     Excalibur(1990)by Jose Damian de la Flor San Vicente (Spain)
     Excessus(1990)by Wazertown Works (Spain)
     Exploits in a Wheelie-Bin(1992)by Delbert the Hamster Software (UK)
     Fairly Difficult Mission(1988)by Zodiac Software (UK)
     Federico Jones
     Feline Sleepy(1998)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     First Past the Post
     Flight 191
     Floarea Soarelui(2006)by ZXIF (UK)
     For Pete's Sake(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Fortress of Fear(1996)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Freeze Aliens 1(1992)by Advanced Adventure Creations (Spain)
     From Out Of The Snow(2019)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     From Out of a Dark Night Sky - The Second Night(2020)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Future Tense(1987)by Mystic Software (UK)
     Galen(1990)by Mandragora Software (Spain)
     Game Without a Name(1987)by Dented Designs (UK)
     Get Me to the Church on Time!
     Gobby Simon Fitzpatrick (Ireland),
Malcolm Tyrrell (Ireland)
     Gollumitisby Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     Grabbed by the Ghoulies!
     Greg the Egg
     Grimalkin 128K
     Grimwold's Big Adventure(1995)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Grue-Knapped(1991)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     Guarded by Trolls(2019)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Gwain the Haffling(1990)by Panic Software (Spain)
     Hades(1996)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Hades(1989)by Antonio Baena Sanchez (Spain)
     Hedda Strikes Again(2003)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Hedda's Revenge(1999)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Helvera: Mistress of the Park(1993)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     Heresville(1990)by Wazertown Works (Spain)
     Hibernated 1: This Place is Death(2018)by Pond Software Ltd
     Hide and Seek(1995)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Hired to Kill(1993)by Tom Powell (UK)
     Historias de Medialand(1987)by JSJ Soft Ltd (Spain)
     Homicide Hotel(1987)by Wallsoft (UK),
The Guild (UK)
     Horrorscope(1991)by Square Peg (UK)
     Hounds of Hell(1991)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     I Dare You(1992)by The Guild (UK)
     ISS Emergency(2019)by Gareth Pitchford (UK)
     Idiliar(1991)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     Interrogacion(1990)by Juana Pueblo Soft (Spain)
     Into the Mystic(1991)by River Software (UK)
     Intruder Alert(1989)by Compass Software (UK)
     Invaders from Planet X(1991)by Compass Software (UK)
     Invasion Luna(1989)by Rafael Vico Costa (Spain)
     Investigations(1987)by Graphtext 128 (UK)
     Jack and the Beanstalk(1988)
     Jack the Ripper(1987)by CRL Group PLC (UK)
     Jason(1992)by SOS Ltd (Spain)
     Jester Quest(1988)by Nebula Designs Software (UK)
     Jester's Jaunt(1991)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Jewel of Scotland
     Johnnie Verso(1991)by Wazertown Works (Spain)
     Johny Vayna(1990)by Pedro Amador Lopez (Spain)
     Juanito 3by 3PSOFT (Spain)
     Juanito en Busca de Su Baloncito(1989)by 3PSOFT (Spain)
     Keops, el Misterio(1989)by Oscar Soft (Spain)
     Kidnapped(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Kilburn Encounter(1989)by SCP Hackers (Spain)
     King Quest V(1993)by ALEAsoft (Spain)
     Knight Life(1995)by Stephen Boyd (UK)
     Kobyashi Ag'Kwo(1991)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     La Arana(1990)by Year Zero Software (Spain)
     La Aventura Brutal(1994)by Rock'n'Soft (Spain)
     La Aventura Sin Nombre(1991)by Advanced Adventure Creations (Spain)
     La Caverna del Dragon de Bronceby DaniSoft (Spain)
     La Destruccion de America(1989)by Conrado Badenas Mengod (Spain)
     La Estrella de la Mañana(2020)by DaRe
     La Gran Hazana(1993)by THEDAR Works (Spain)
     La Maldicion de Aros(1991)by Istari Design (Spain)
     La Maldicion de los Mac Leod(1990)by DaniSoft (Spain)
     La Maquina del Tiempo(1989)by Mixtring (Spain)
     La Prehistoria(1990)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     La Segunda Muerte de Dracula(2001)by Iron Chip (Spain)
     Labour Pains(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Larry the Lemming's Urge for Extinction
     Las Cavernas de Fafnir(1989)by Wazertown Works (Spain)
     Las Minas Perdidas(1989)by Aventuras AM (Spain)
     Las Tierras de Oman(1992)by PAC Soft (Spain)
     Leopold the Minstrel(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Leotropeby Graham Burtenshaw (UK)
     Licensed to Chipby Futuresoft (UK)
     Little Mouse Adventure(2019)by Vladislav Bauer
     Lobos(1992)by PAC Soft (Spain)
     Locked In!(2022)by Simon Allan Software (UK)
     Look at All the Pretty Lights(1992)by Chris Ridings (UK)
     Look for the Piramid's Treasure(1992)by Adventure Writer (Spain)
     Loose Ends(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Los Elfos de Maroland(1993)by Kame Soft (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 1: Misterio en la Catedral(2004)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 2: El Cuervo de la Tormenta(2004)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 3: Cantos de Anubis(2005)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 4: Tristes Alas del Destino(2005)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 5: Ultimo Acto(2005)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato I: Las Calles del Miedo(2008)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato II: Las Ruedas de Ezequiel(2008)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato III: El Hijo del Crepusculo(2009)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato IV: Episodio Final(2011)by Josep Coletas Caubet (Spain)
     Los Misterios del Gusano(1993)by Videofex (Spain)
     Los Vientos de Yadhe(1989)by Lider Soft (Spain)
     Los Vientos del Walhalla(1992)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     Lost Temple of the Incas
     Lost in the Amazon(1996)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Lycanthropy(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Magnetic Moon(1989)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     Maldita Escuela!(1989)by Megasoft [ES] (Spain)
     Man About the House(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Manhattan 2005 (Demo)(1989)by Digital Launch Corporation (Spain)
     Mansion Kali(2013)by Commodore Plus (Spain)
     Mansion Kali II(2014)by Commodore Plus (Spain)
     Memorias de un Hobbit(1990)by JSJ Soft Ltd (Spain)
     Merlin -La Aventura-(2010)by SPECTRAVENTURA (Spain)
     Methyhel(1990)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Methyhel - The Special Edition(1990)by The Guild (UK)
     Miami Mice(1986)by Anthony Collins (UK)
     Microfair Madness(1991)by Delbert the Hamster Software (UK)
     Midnight(1990)by Wazertown Works (Spain)
     Mirror Mirror(2020)by Gareth Pitchford (UK)
     Mock(1993)by Gandalf Software (Spain)
     Monte Dorado(1992)by Psykosis Soft (Argentina)
     Mouse Man
     Mundo Fantastico(1989)by DT Soft (Spain)
     Mundo Subterraneo(1991)by Advanced Adventure Creations (Spain)
     Murder - He Said(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Murder Mystery Weekend(1997)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Murder at Hamilton Hallsby The Fly On The Wall (UK)
     Mutant(1986)by River Software (UK)
     Norman's Lament(1990)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Nueve de Cada Diez Lapidas Estan Cambiadas(1993)by Sindicato del Software (Spain)
     Number 6 in the Village [PAW](1987)by Philip Richmond (UK)
     O Mundo Perdidoby ZX-SOFT Brasil Ltda (Brazil)
     Odisea(1990)by Juana Pueblo Soft (Spain)
     Olimpo en Guerra(1989)by Eduardo Jose Villalobos (Spain)
     On Reflection(2007)by Cheese Freak Software (UK)
     On the Run(1989)by Alfo Software (UK)
     Once Upon a Lily Pad(1989)by Global Games [1] (UK)
     Operation Thunderbowel(1988)by Sacred Scroll Software (UK)
     Out of the Limelight(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Palace Hotel(1989)by Carlos Garcia de Paredes Ucero (Spain)
     Pawns of War(1989)by Leslie Floyd (UK)
     Persecucion en Australia(1989)by Rafael Vico Costa (Spain)
     Perseus(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Personal Computer Whirled!(1992)by Delbert the Hamster Software (UK)
     Phoenix(1991)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Piramide(1989)by Vacaloca (Spain),
Lolo Soft (Spain)
     Piratas(1992)by Advanced Adventure Creations (Spain)
     Polearn(1989)by Sheol Software (UK)
     Pon Una Tarantula en Tu Vida(1989)by Nosequesoft (Spain)
     Pride of the Federation(1987)by Excalibur Software [2] (UK)
     Project Nova(1987)by Nebula Designs Software (UK)
     Protect and Survive
     Pueblo de la Noche(1989)by Grupo Creators Union (Spain)
     Quest for the Poorly Snail(1988)by Futuresoft (UK)
     RJ's Ultimatum(1996)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Raiders of the Lost Tomb(1995)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Rainbow Landby Ismael Estevez (Spain)
     Rainbow Warriors(1989)by Red Wolf (Spain)
     Ramsbottom Smith and The Quest For The Yellow Spheroid(2018)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Raymond Pringle's Quest for the Fabled Jar of Pickled Cabbage
     Reality Hacker(1987)by Visual Dimensions (UK)
     Realm of Darkness(1986)by River Software (UK)
     Red Alert(1991)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Resaca(1990)by Alberto Vinuela (Spain)
     Rescate(1991)by Ricardo Oyon Rodriguez (Spain)
     Retarded Creatures and Caverns II(2020)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Return of the Roach(2019)by Pension Productions (UK)
     Revenge of the Space Pirates(1994)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     Rhyme Cryme(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Rochn, la Era de las Espadas(1989)by SKUAT Soft (Spain)
     Run, Bronwynn, Run!(1992)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     Rupert the Bear and Jack Frost(2011)by Richard Gray (UK)
     S&S Parapsychologists(1994)by Arkham Software (Spain)
     S.T.I.(1988)by Bug-Byte Software Ltd (UK)
     Sam's Un-Excellent Adventure
     Satanby NCF Soft (Spain)
     Search for the Nether Regions(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Seaside Sorcery(1997)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Serendipity(1994)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     Set Up!(1989)by Global Games [1] (UK)
     Settlement XIII(1993)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     Seven Spanish Angelsby Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Shadows of the Past(1990)by Compass Software (UK)
     Sheriff(1990)by Antonio de Haro Leon (Spain)
     Sherlock Holmes: A Matter of Evil(1988)by Creative Juices (UK)
     Sherlock Holmes: The Lamberley Mystery(1990)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Silversword: La Espada de Plataby 3PSOFT (Spain)
     Silverwolf(1991)by G.I. Games (UK)
     Sir Sigfrid(1989)by Luis Ignacio Garcia Ventura (Spain)
     Sleepin' Again(1996)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Snow Joke!(1991)
     So Little Time(1993)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     Soho Mission(1990)by Daren Pearcy (UK)
     Sorcerer's Apprentice(1988)by Brian Parks (UK)
     Space Detective II: Home Run(1989)by Celerysoft (UK)
     Spaceman Bobby Alchemist Research (UK)
     Sphere of Q'li(1996)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     Stalker(1990)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Star Flaws
     Starship Quest(1989)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     Starwash(1989)by Ricardo Villalba Martinez (Spain)
     Stranded(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Strange Tale(1991)by Advanced Adventure Creations (Spain)
     Super Lopez - El Senor de los Chupetes(1989)by Rino-Soft (Spain)
     Survivalby The Guild (UK)
     Survivor(1989)by Global Games [1] (UK)
     T'Was a Time of Dread(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Talismanby The Guild (UK)
     Tattoo(1995)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     Tax Returns(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Teacher Trouble(1989)by Pegasus Software (UK)
     Teastrainer(1988)by Paul Jameson (UK)
     Teenage Emergency(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Ten Green Bottles(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     Ten Little Adventurers(1999)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     Terror from Sarnath(1991)by Year Zero Software (Spain)
     The Amulet of Darath(1992)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     The Anttilis Mission(1992)by Compass Software (UK)
     The Apprentice(1993)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     The Assassins' Guild(1995)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     The Assassins' Guild 2(1995)by The Adventure Workshop (UK)
     The Axe of Kolt(1990)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     The Bardic Rite(1994)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     The Base(1988)by The Guild (UK)
     The Beast(1988)by Marlin Games (UK)
     The Big Sleaze 2.5(2018)by Mark James Hardisty (UK)
     The Blood of Bogmole(1991)by Compass Software (UK)
     The Bounty Hunter(1989)by River Software (UK)
     The Calling(1987)by Visual Dimensions (UK)
     The Canasto Rebellion(1988)by Trevor Taylor (UK)
     The Case of the Beheaded Smuggler(1988)by Mental Images (UK)
     The Cave of Magic: A Troll's Revenge(2019)by Gareth Pitchford (UK)
     The Caves of Skull(1995)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     The Challenge
     The Challenge of Iythus(1988)by Creative Juices (UK)
     The Chameleon Key(1994)by Dream World Adventures (UK)
     The Citadel(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     The Crawling Horror(1990)by Year Zero Software (Spain)
     The Cup(1986)by River Software (UK)
     The Curse of Nimue(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
     The Dark Gladiator(1993)by FSF Adventures (UK)
     The Dark Hospital(2017)by Isaac Sánchez González
     The Dark Tower(1992)by River Software (UK)
     The Dogboy(1991)by G.I. Games (UK)
     The Domes of Sha
     The Dream Concert(2002)by Adventure Probe Software (UK)
     The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath(1988)by Bolsoftware Communications Ltd (Spain)
     The Dungeons of Maldread(1995)by Zenobi Software (UK)
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Luis Peralta (Spain)
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Main File Downloads
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ProfessionalAdventureWriterA06C.tzx.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K/128K(None)English - A06C
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ProfessionalAdventureWriterB02C(AventurasADS.A.) 48K/128K(None)Spanish - B02C
 ProfessionalAdventureWriterB03+3(AventurasADS.A.) 128 +3(None)Spanish - B03+3

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