Adder Attack
Aliases  Vipers
Release Year  1983
Original Publisher  Mogul Communications Ltd (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  English
Genre  Arcade Game: Action
Max. Players  1
Controls  Redefineable keys
Original Price  £5.50
Average mag. score  64.00% (1 reviews)
Martijn's WoS score  52% (5 votes)

     #1 - Software Editores (Spain)(1983)

     Michael Smith (UK) - ?

     Full version inOutlet issue 128(1998)by Outlet (UK)- titled "Adder!"

Main File Downloads
AdderAttack.tzx.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(None)English
 AdderAttack.z80.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(???)English

Additional File Downloads
     AdderAttack(Adder)(Outlet).scr6,912OriginalLoading screen - Outlet
     AdderAttack.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     AdderAttack.gif4,120OriginalRunning screen
     AdderAttack.jpg71,519OriginalCassette inlay
     Adder Attack (1983)(Mogul Communications).pok33OriginalPOK pokes file
     AdderAttack(SoftwareEspana).jpg68,175#1Cassette inlay

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     Home Computing Weeklyissue #49-1984/2/14-"week#2"page 16- Review
     MicroHobbyissue #12-1985/1page 16- Review - Nuevo

Magazine References
     Home Computing Weeklyissue #39-1983/11/29-"week#5"page 3- News/Note

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     Home Computing Weeklyissue #37-1983/11/15-"week#3"page 35- Advert
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     Personal Computer Newsissue #38-1983/11/30page 67- Advert
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