GROUP "Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019"
1st - Valley of Rains
2nd - Space Monsters meet THE HARDY
3rd - Yazzie
4th - Drift!
5th (jury choice) - Hunt Buck: Nuclear Defence
5th (public vote) - Quest for Elements
6th (public vote) - Hunt Buck: Nuclear Defence
6th (jury choice) - Just a Gal
7th (jury choice) - RoboBro Episode 1
7th (public vote) - Yanga
8th (jury choice) - Ernesto's Adventures
8th (public vote) - Pre-ZU
9th (public vote) - Automated Cave Explorer
9th (jury choice) - The Order of Sleeping Dragon
10th (jury choice) - Automated Cave Explorer
10th (public vote) - Mantra Kill
11th (public vote) - The Order of Sleeping Dragon
11th (jury choice) - Quest for Elements
12th (public vote) - Just a Gal
12th (jury choice) - Pre-ZU
13th (jury choice) - Mantra Kill
13th (public vote) - RoboBro Episode 1
14th - Robo-stalker
15th (jury choice) - Alone in dark maze
15th (public vote) - Ernesto's Adventures
16th (public vote) - Alone in dark maze
16th (jury choice) - Yanga
17th - Little Mouse Adventure
18th - Sochi Nights
19th - Interceptor 2020
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